Senior Leadership Team

  • Carrie

    Chief Executive | Balkerne Gardens Trust

    Carrie has extensive experience working in the Health & Social Care sector and has held a number of Senior leadership roles in the not-for-profit sector.

  • Michelle

    Deputy director | Balkerne Gardens Trust

    Michelle’s background is in dentistry and management in the NHS, and she enjoys the variety and challenges of working at Balkerne Gardens Trust brings.

  • Sam

    Deputy Director | Balkerne Gardens Trust

    Sam is a qualified nurse and has a broad range of experience. He was the manager of Freda Gunton Lodge for four years.

Cheviot Nursing Home

  • Tracey

    Manager | Cheviot nursing home

    Tracey had been managing two successful homes before joining Cheviot. She has significant experience in working and managing residential care.

Freda Gunton Lodge

  • Amanda

    Manager | Freda Gunton Lodge

    Amanda has led the organisation for 20 years and has a background in nursing and management within the NHS.

  • Amy

    Deputy Manager | Freda Gunton Lodge

    Amy has worked for the Trust for many years. She has worked in both of our residential services and is passionate about providing outstanding care.

Care at Home

  • Sylwia

    Manager | Care at Home

    Slywia has worked for the organisation for over 10 years and enjoys supporting customers in their own homes and helping them maintain independence.

Sheltered Housing

  • Jackie Johnston

    Manager | Sheltered housing

    Jackie has worked for the organisation for over 30 years. She started as a Cook, became Home Services Manager for both homes, then manager of our Care at Home service and is now the new Sheltered Housing Manager.