Working for the Trust

Freda Gunton Lodge

A friend of Teresa and Carla recommended Freda Gunton Lodge as a great place to work so they decided to have a look around  themselves! They were so impressed with the home and how welcoming the manager and staff were to them, that they both applied for Care Assistant roles.

5 months on they are really enjoying working for the Trust and coming from Italy they not only had to improve their English language but also learn new skills. Carla and Teresa said the support from staff and managers has made this much easier for them. Teresa said that everyone has been so kind, patient and welcoming, she loves her job and hopes this will help her to one day become a Nurse. Carla loves how Freda Gunton Lodge is so welcoming and that the gardens are so beautiful, it’s a lovely place to work.

In her spare time Teresa loves to paint, particularly portrait and landscapes. Carla enjoys walking in the park and cooking, her signature dish is Tiramisu.


Teresa & Carla Lanzillotti

Care Assistants