Working for Balkerne Gardens Trust

Freda Gunton Lodge Staff

“I began working at Freda Gunton Lodge in September 2017 as a Kitchen Assistant (the blonde one!). Since then I have been working about 3 days a week and never looked back. Coming from a commercial catering environment, I was pleasantly surprised with the new opportunity to appreciate the individual over the masses. It is nice to work in a place where people seem to really know each other and a person’s worth is never judged by the business, but how you can help each other. In my free time I enjoy writing, predominantly trans realistic science fiction and have found working at Freda Gunton surprisingly helpful to my hobby. Being in a place where I interact with people I normally would not meet has allowed me to hear new ideas and challenge my own. This has been a constant source of inspiration, and the friendly, relaxed nature of the home has always given me plenty of thinking space where I can develop my thoughts. Furthermore, the family like relationship between staff and residents has encouraged me and helped my confidence greatly, meaning that when I get home I never find myself mentally exhausted or without enthusiasm for my hobbies. Although I have only been with the trust for a short time, it has had a great impact on my professional and personal life. Most of all I’ve enjoyed the compassion found everywhere in the home, how on a stressful shift someone’s always there to help you out or when seeing the positive effect the work has on a resident’s day remembering that it’s all worth it. Within just 7 months of work here, I feel more confident and fulfilled and look forward to my future with the Lodge!”

Finley Clayton

Kitchen Assistant