No such thing as a snow day in health and social care

Current affairs Staff

There was no doubt that snow had definitely fallen across the country yesterday, with most of East Anglia coated in 10-15cm of the white stuff. Whilst schools, shops and lots of other services ground to a halt. Many men and women braved the cold to get in to work; this is especially true of health and social care.

Our maintenance man (the name doesn’t do him justice) and one our our housekeepers arrived at work at 6am to start clearing the snow. Pictured above, they were shortly joined by the director of the organisation to clear the way for staff, residents and tenants to go about their day. As an organisation we are truly lucky to have such a hard working group of staff, from carers who came in on their day off “just in case they were needed” to lots of staff walking miles to get into work. Despite lots of thanks, the replies were nearly always the same….

“Off course we had to come in to work”