Christmas and New Year poem written by a resident!

Freda Gunton Lodge Residents

The New Year started with storms galore

The Beast from the East causing flooding and more.

The first Royal event when Prince Louis came

‘Though it took three days to tell us his name.

Early in March twelve ducklings arrived.

They went to the river – we hope they survived.

The spring and the summer turned out to be boiling.

Fifty days rainless – plants withered and spoiling.

Another great day, the nineteenth of May, Prince Harry was wed

To an American beauty, enough has been said.

Everyone watched on their different TV’s

With lunch tray on wobbly knees.

The kitchen came up with a right royal meal

That gave us all that luxurious feel.

The soccer World Cup had us cheering aloud

The young English team making all of us proud.

In early September Alistair Cook scored a ton

To end his career as it all had begun.

Party conferences came with speeches galore

Confusing us all and wanting no more.

Brexit goes on as no doubt it will

Until next year when we’ve all had our fill.

The 12th of October, Eugenie’s great day

With arguments continuing on who ought to pay.

A pregnant Meghan became all the news

To cheer us up from October’s blues.

The Leicester City tragedy spelt grief through the land

We lost a humble sportsman with a very generous hand.

The cost of Christmas shopping brought us all down to earth

What would the lord think of the way we remember his birth.


Written by Ken Rogers